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How it works…

Don’t waste your time. Have our professionals take care of your laundry resulting in more time for you to spend doing what you’d like to do! So go exercise, study or just hang out with some friends, we’ll take care of the rest!


Pick Your Plan

Select your plan by how much laundry you go through a week

10 lbs per week (Good for linens & light wear throughout the week)

20 lbs per week (Our most popular option. start here and you can always change your plan!)

30 lbs per week (Heavy use. Popular among athletes and the active)

Get Your Bag

A bag will be delivered to your front door with your name, location and pick-up/delivery times attached (make sure your name tag stays attached!)



Fill Your Bag

Fill your bag with your dirty laundry for pick-up. No need to separate colors as we do this for you. It’s that simple!

Bag Pick Up

Be ready for us to sweep by to pick up your clothes during your scheduled time. Now go make new friends, study, or just enjoy the day, there’s no need in sitting by the washer & dryer for 2 hours!



Drop ‘Em Off!

In less than 48 hours we’ll swing by with your clothes folded, sorted by color, and cleaned, just like Mom does!